Our Mission

The Uniontown Public Library provides, on equal terms, free services to all individuals and groups in the community. It accepts as its basic objectives the provision and servicing of expertly selected materials which aid the individual in the pursuit of education, information, research, and in the use of leisure time.

Our Vision

At the Uniontown Public Library, we envision:

Communities where everyone continues to learn and grow.

  • every child enters school ready to learn;
  • every student succeeds in school with the support of out-of-school learning opportunities;  and
  • every adult has meaningful work and the skills needed to thrive.

Communities where everyone enjoys a full and rich life.

  • anyone can explore a broad range of interests;
  • everyone feels connected and included;
  • public services are easily accessed; and
  • relevant and current information is always available.

Adult Literacy: By the Numbers