The Pennsylvania Room holds thousands of books devoted to the history and genealogy of our region. Beyond the core collection of Fayette County histories, an assortment of resources ranging from military registers to church minutes to local photography collections are available to visitors. We also hold a selection of books regarding the history of neighboring counties and the early settlers of Maryland, Virginia, and Ohio.

Books in the Pennsylvania Room collection cannot be checked out. In some cases, however, duplicate copies may be available in the general collection downstairs.

Major Subject Areas

Our collection is particularly strong in the following areas:

  • Architecture
  • Biographies
  • City/Township Histories
  • Coal
  • Community Studies
  • County Histories
  • Crime
  • Fiction (Local Authors)
  • Disasters
  • Geology
  • Historical Sites
  • Immigration
  • Law
  • Local Cookbooks
  • Journalism
  • Military
  • Natural Resources
  • Organized Labor
  • Photo Collections
  • Sports
  • State Records
  • Transportation
  • Census Records
  • Cemetery Transcriptions
  • Church Records
  • DAR Indexes
  • Family Histories
  • General Genealogy
  • Marriage Registers
  • Military Registers
  • Pennsylvania Archives
  • Research Manuals
  • Indexes to Microfilmed and Printed Records
  • Passenger Lists

Using the Catalog

The easiest way to find out if the Pennsylvania Room has a particular book that you’re seeking is to check our online catalog. You can use these steps to navigate our system:

Quick Start

  1. Click the following link to go directly to the Online Catalog’s Keyword Search.
  2. Enter your search terms (ex. the book’s title, author, or subject) and click Go!

Getting to the Catalog from the Library’s Website

  1. On the main menu of the Uniontown Public Library website, hover over FIND.
  2. A drop-down menu will appear. Click or tap SEARCH THE CATALOG. 
  3. Enter your search terms (ex. the book’s title, author, or subject) and click Go!

Tips for Using the Catalog

  • You may need to narrow your results using the check boxes on the left of your screen. Particularly, you may want to set the Assigned Branch to Uniontown Public Library. That way you will only be viewing results from our library and not from our partners in the WAGGIN system.
  • If you are researching a particular family, format your search as “[Last Name] Family” — for example, “Leonard Family.”
  • For more in-depth tips, check our What Can We Help You Find? page.