Maps & Atlases

A wide selection of city, county, and state maps are available in the Pennsylvania Room. These include topographical maps, patent maps, tourism/landmark maps, and street maps—both recent and historical—of cities like Uniontown. A number of them, such as the 1858 Map of Fayette County, are marked with landowners’ names.

Our core collection includes the following:

  • Patent Maps (showing early landowners by township)
  • 1855 Map of Uniontown (displayed)
  • 1858 Map of Fayette County (displayed)
  • 1865 Map of Fayette County (displayed)
  • 1872 Atlas of Fayette County
  • 1900 Map of Fayette County (displayed)
  • 1924 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Uniontown
  • Genealogy of Fayette County Map (showing formation year of each township)

A general guide to our maps is available in PDF format via the link below. If you are seeking a specific map and you do not see it listed, please contact us directly.