This Week In History: The McClelland House Fire, 1914

This segment features a news item from Fayette County’s past. This week we examine a story from the March 23, 1914 edition of the Daily News Standard.

This weekend marked one hundred years since the burning of McClelland House, a hotel that once stood on West Main Street in Uniontown. If you’re local, you may have noticed coverage of the anniversary in the Herald-Standard and even on area news stations — particularly with regard to a volunteer firefighter named Voight LaClair.

This Week In History: Local Brevities, 1879

This segment features a news item from Fayette County’s past. This week we examine the March 6, 1879 edition of the American Standard.

One interesting feature of our early newspapers are the sections devoted to minor happenings around the county. In the American Standard these blurbs take up an entire page, but their organization — or lack thereof — isn’t particularly researcher-friendly. One notice flows into the next, and apart from the paragraph breaks, there are no headlines and few font changes to guide the eye. If you’re patient enough, however, the Local Brevities can make for a fascinating (and often funny) read.

Quick Tip: Town Histories

When researching the history of a particular town, check what the local media had to say on the anniversary of its founding. Newspapers often print special editions at these times that contain a wealth of historical information.

Papers printed on a town’s centennial or bicentennial are a good place to start, but don’t discount the lesser anniversaries — the 50th, the 75th, or even the odd 220th. You might even check for special editions printed by a newspaper on its own anniversary.