Pennsylvania Room Resource Guide

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Room of the Uniontown Public Library. Copies of this resource guide are available near the entrance to the room; the guide will help you locate the materials and information you need. It is provided here to give those of you unfamiliar with the Pennsylvania Room a preview of what you can expect when you visit.

The guide starts at the entrance to the Pennsylvania Room and proceeds counter-clockwise around the room.

A computer with Internet access and printer is located in the left corner of the room behind the door. There is a one-hour time limit.

Map and atlas drawers contain early land grants, warrants, surveys and other maps. Included are atlases showing property owners for 1858, 1865 and 1872. Some of the maps include indexes with property owners' names.

database computer contains primarily death and burial information exclusive to this room. It also includes miscellaneous records useful to the researcher.

electronic catalog contains the entire library collection. Materials listed for this room are designated as RG, PR and Vert files.

Tall shelves near the electronic catalog hold Washington's writings, Fayette County, Pennsylvania town histories and other county reference books. Reference information for other cities, counties and states are located on the bottom two shelves.

top of the shelves below the window is the location for the cemetery books for Fayette County, along with a usage guide and additional information on other county cemeteries. Some hard copies of census records, primary Pennsylvania, are located here with Pennsylvania Civil War books.

shelves under the windows contain Pennsylvania Archives, additional state information, Colonial Records and most of the RG collection.

Special collections and volumes are located behind the curator's desk. This is a restricted area; the materials here are accessible by staff members only.

wooden bookcase near the curator's desk contains local high school yearbooks with a shelf location guide. There are also some local junior high school yearbooks.

File cabinets, accessible only by the staff, contain local information on towns, events, historical sites and genealogical materials (e.g., vertical files).

The Rare Book Room is accessible only by the staff.

Card Catalog contains obituaries and some indexed

marriages. The marriages are filed alphabetically by surname. The obituary index is an ongoing project and includes obituaries up to 1950; the marriage index is less complete. Some local headlines have also been indexed and are included here.

Microfilm cabinets, located under the card catalog, contain area newspapers from 1805 to the present. The microfilm collection in this location contains county census records as well.

microfilm readers/printers are located nearby. Copies are 50¢ each; you must use quarters. There is a one-hour time limit and only one reader/printer per family. Only one film may be used at a time. Do not return films to drawers; place them in the box near the readers. Patrons will be charged full replacement costs for torn or damaged film. These machines are sensitive to mishandling - please use gently.

enclosed book shelves or cages contain a variety of materials designated as PR. Some church histories and immigration records are located in the first cabinet. There are also coal mining books, military, geology and histories of other counties as well as books written about the early years of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

research tables located in the center of the room have county histories and a city history placed between bookends that contain biographical sketches of families from Fayette County. Each history has a surname index.

photocopier is located in the front of the room. Most materials may be copied, unless they are too fragile. Copies are 15¢ each.This machine only accepts coins.

Free standing shelves (shelves 1,2,3, front and back) are where you will find the family genealogies from A-Z. City directories, pictorial histories, research materials and the Fayette County Genealogical Society card catalog are located on the top of these shelves. The group sheets for the Genealogical Society's card catalog are located directly below. In addition, the back shelves include newsletters and the Lafayette Quarterly.

Artifacts, artwork, documents and photographs are displayed throughout the room. An extensive photographic and postcard collection is preserved in the Rare Book Room.