Pennsylvania Room Policies

Please follow our policies while in the Pennsylvania Room in order to make every patron's time pleasant and productive. This room is monitored with cameras for the safety and security of the collection.

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Who May Use the Pennsylvania Room

A library membership is required for everyone who uses the Pennsylvania Room.

For those who are not members of the Uniontown Public Library (perhaps you have traveled here from out-of-state to do research) there is a $5 one-day non-member fee that entitles the user to use the resources and facilities of the Pennsylvania Room only. However, if you will be in the area and plan to use the Pennsylvania Room for a few days or if you will be returning to do more research in the near future, a six-month membership is only $20.

Whatever plan you choose, remember that the Pennsylvania Room has a non-circulating collection.

General Policy

Please sign the guest register upon entering the Room. The register is located near the door.Researchers may, but are not obliged to indicate an area of interest.

Brief cases or carriers are permitted in the Pennsylvania Room, but not opened on the worktables. The staff reserves the right to inspect carrying cases at any time.

Children must be accompanied by an adult. This adult must assume all responsibility for the child. Children are expected to sit quietly or they will be asked to leave the Pennsylvania Room.

Students, aged 14 and older, are permitted to use the resources of the Pennsylvania Room on their own provided they can comply with all the policies.

The Uniontown Public Library and its staff members are not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items.

No food or drink is permitted. Please walk and speak softly to avoid disturbing other patrons.

No cell phones may be used in the room. Please take all calls in the lobby area of the library.

Handling of Materials

All our resources are very valuable, and many are old and fragile. Please take care in handling any materials you use.

ONE source at a time should be taken from the shelves to use.

You must be seated with the material securely placed on a flat surface when reading, skimming or viewing.

Do not write on or in the material.

We ask that you use only a pencil, pen and notebook or laptop computer at the worktables as space is limited.

When you're finished using the material, leave it on the worktables; the staff will re-shelve materials.

Copy Machine Policy

We reserve the right to deny copying any library materials.This is often due to the fragile physical condition of some of our materials.

Copies are 15 cents per page

The library will supply the paper for the machine.

The copy machine gives change, but try to have a supply of coins if you are making many copies.

Microfilm Readers

A one-hour time limit will be imposed on the use of the microfilm readers due to their limited number.

There is a first-come, first-serve policy observed for the use of the unscheduled blocks of time for use on the microfilm readers. 

No one patron or group of patrons can expect exclusive all-day use of the microfilm readers unless no other patron is waiting.

Only one roll will be available at a time. After viewing the film, leave the film out. Our staff will return the microfilm to the storage drawers.

Patrons will be charged full replacement cost for torn or damaged microfilm.

Microfilm copies are $.50 (fifty cents) when searched for by the patron and reproduced using the self-service coin operated machines. 

Mail and telephone requested microfilm copies will cost $2.00 per copy plus postage if the day, month and year are provided.  The microfilm copies will cost $4.00 per copy plus postage if only the month and year are provided. These microfilm requests must be specific in terms of the date of the information desired.