James F. Gismondi Learning Center
Computer Lab for Children

The Gismondi Family donated computers for use by the children of our community in memory of James F. Gismondi. Children have enhanced opportunities for exploring electronic information technology by accessing the Internet or using CD-ROM databases and educationally interactive games.

There are lots of great websites for kids of all ages to try, both educational and just for fun. We have included a special page of lists here that are safe, educational and fun! Click on the "Web Sites for Kids" icon for interesting sites developed to introduce you to places and things like the zoo, NASA, secret codes, holidays, drawing and more.

If you are really stuck with a homework problem or are having trouble with a research assignment, try Ask Here PA. You will be linked to a live person who will help you with your question. This site will provide help to students of all ages, even those in college. (click icon)